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Computer Training for Senior Citizens

Seniors have issues that make it hard to learn computer skills. PxnWords knows that after years of experience teaching senior citizens. There may be both mental and physical limitations, but PxnWords has found that by using patience and praise for accomplishments, senior citizens are quite capable of learning new computer skills. Even a person who has never used a computer mouse can master this skill with the right combination of software and one-on-one training. A month is the usual length of the course and by the end of one month, seniors can master skills they never thought possible.



PxnWords Computer Mini Course
40.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This simple class provides senior citizens with tools to use computers for the first time. Includes mouse training, basic text, Internet, Email, and basic MS Word.


Marilyn Ellis, MS

PxnWords is a graphic design business, with many other interests. Among them are a Basic Computer Class for Senior Citizens, and a Spiritual Events Calendar. Come join us for timely graphic design, learning computer skills, and for spiritual involvement.


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